Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chocolate Mint Energy Balls (nut-free)

reading time: 1 min

low-fat, nut-free energy balls

Normally, raw energy balls consist of two things: dried fruits (such as dates or raisins) and nuts (or seeds). They are very tasty, but unfortunately also very high in fat. So when I went for a little trip to my brother last week, I threw together this recipe for low-fat, nut-free and nonetheless delicious chocolate mint energy balls :) 

Energy Balls are an amazingly convenient and tasty way to nourish your body, satisfy your hunger and sustain your energy when you're on the go. And it only takes minutes to blitz a handful of ingredients to make this high-energy snack - perfect popped into a lunch box!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sweet Potato Muffins & Ice Cream (vegan)

reading time: 4 min

I have a confession to make. Something that I've had on my mind for a while now. Lately there seem to be a lot of videos on youtube discussing if vegans could be in a relationship with non-vegans or not. And it makes me insecure sometimes.  

In a way, I find it ridiculous. The question alone sounds kind of like racism to me - why shouldn't vegans be with non-vegans?!?! -, but then there are times when I catch myself wishing my boyfriend was vegan. I know, I shouldn't think that - he's extremely supportive of me and my lifestyle, he loves to cook and eat vegan with me, and that's all that matters. But the thing is, for me veganism is more than just eating non-dairy, non-meat products. It's also about the abuse of animals, the slavery, the rape, the violence and injustice behind that piece of meat or cheese. My boyfriend knows about these circumstances of course, and he's generally concerned about health and buying organic good, but i'm not sure if he makes the connection between the slaughter and torture of animals and the pleasure of non-vegan food. And as much as I love my boyfriend and as much as I want to respect his own lifestyle, it can be hard sometimes to see him eat these things without caring about the pain and cruelty behind his food. I don't want to be bothered by that, but sometimes I am. And I feel bad about it.

What are your thoughts?!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Indian Dhal with naan bread (vegan)

reading time: 2 min

Dhal, dahl, dal, daal

Dhal, dahl, dal or daal is a kind of lentil stew commonly served in South Asian countries such as India and Nepal. Dal Bhat (literally: lentils and rice) is a staple food in these countries. - And for those worrying about protein intake in a vegan diet: Dhal is a ready source of proteins due to the lentils!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thai Banana Coconut Pancakes

reading time: 3 min

vegan thai mini cakes

Pancakes have become a weekly staple for me. My boyfriend and I have this tradition where we make a special breakfast on Sundays. It's almost always pancakes, and this time it's chewy Banana Coconut Pancakes! They are called kanom paeng jee or pang jee in Thai, you could say they are grilled coconut mini cakes, and they are part of my "Thai cuisine" blog series, where I recreate meals from Thailand (so if you have any suggestions for other Thai dishes to recreate, let me know!). 

For those on a gluten-free path, pancakes can be easily made with a gluten-free substitute, such as coconut flour, almond flour, hazelnut flour, buckwheat flour, even chestnut flour, or - in this case - rice flour and shredded coconut. Let's get started!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Homemade Iced Tea

reading time: 2 min

Iced tea is a summer drink par excellence! Unfortunately, most varieties available at the supermarket are rich in calories and sugar (up to 15 sugar cubes per litre!!), as well as many artificial flavourings and preservatives. In other words: tooth decay, obesity and diabetes.

This was the first time I made iced tea, and it's actually so easy and quick to make that it's not gonna be the last time either, for sure. Making iced tea is endlessly adaptable: you can brew it light or strong, drink it unsweetened or sweetened, make it kid-friendly or grown-up (see notes at the end)

Once you've got the basics down, you can start getting creative - just follow the simple steps below.

Mousse au Chocolat (vegan, low carb)

reading time: 1 min

Preparation time: 10 mins (+ overnight refrigeration)
Main ingredients: coconut milk, cocoa, sugar
difficulty level: easy
serves: 8
suitable for: vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, raw food, low carb

Here's my recipe for the dairy-free Mousse au Chocolat that I made for our Murder Mystery Dinner party last week! It was a huge success - and nobody could've guessed that this was vegan, nor that the base for this creamy, fluffy dessert dream was coconut (milk)! 

And it can be made entirely without chocolate! 

Say what?!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Murder Mystery Dinner - friends, food & fun!

reading time: 4 min

I'm so happy to tell you that I've finally got around to doing number 74 of my Day Zero Project last Saturday - "Host a mystery dinner party", and it was so much fun! And food! And friends!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cinnamon Bread Rolls & Homemade "Nutella" (vegan)

reading time: 4 min

Oh, sweet childhood memories! 

This is the first time i made these cinnamon bread rolls - they are basically soft, sweet buns, sort of like milk rolls but with cinnamon flavour. They are perfect for a sleepy Sunday breakfast, or to bring along with you to school, work, university, kindergarten even, as they are very child-friendly. And did I mention? So soft and good!

Friday, June 10, 2016

H for Herbs

reading time: 5 min

It's been ages since I last posted an article for this little trivia series that I call the ABC of Health, and I apologize for that. This series is where I share my knowledge of food and nutrition*. click here for the previous episode.

Episode 8: H for Herbs.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

DIY Oat Milk

reading time: 1 min

Man, it's been too long since I made my own plant milk! So far I've made almond milk (my favourite) and rice milk, so it was time for some fresh, homemade oat milk this time. And it costs less than 10 cent per litre, making it way cheaper than horrifyingly cheap cow's milk!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Thai Coconut Potatoes with vegetables and rice

reading time: 3 min

potatoes cooked in coconut milk

Preparation time: 20 mins
Main ingredientscoconut milk, potato, sweet potato, rice
difficulty level: easy
serves: 2-4
suitable for: vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, low-sodium

OH my god, you guys! This was the best dinner ever. It is also going be the first part of my "Thai cuisine" blog series, where i try to recreate meals i've eaten in Thailand (so if you have any suggestions for Thai dishes to recreate, please let me know!).

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Maisy ❤ May 2016

reading time: 3 min

Here we are again. Monthly media favourites: book, movie, music. As you may have noticed, there were no April favourites last month simply because I was too busy with my on-going internship and my master's thesis that I need to present in exactly 1 week (not the actual thesis, but my outline, methodology and progress so far), so I didn't have any time to read or watch movies. However, my internship is coming to an end now, and last weekend I managed to read a book! Yay!

Read: Der Dieb in der Nacht (The Thief In The Night, Katharina Hartwell)